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Giving a Doctor Privileges

Giving a Doctor Privileges Posted on December 10, 2018

When you visit a doctor, you anticipate he’ll examine you and put his expertise to work to ensure that you’re taken care of, regardless of the complaints that sent you into the hospital. But, if you’ve ever noticed the type of care you receive varies significantly from one doctor to another and assumed that is was simply basis of personality, think again. Some doctors receive privileges that others don’t and that can certainly weigh heavily on the type of care you receive.

Obtaining hospital privilege isn’t a bad thing, however. Hospitals use this as a means of ensuring they hire the most qualified physicians to provide care. But, it’s also not easy to get those privileges and not something that every doctor receives. Each hospital requires privileging applications raleigh nc to be completed and then takes it upon themselves to independently decide who receives privileges and who does not.

privileging applications raleigh nc

The hospital examines all the physician’s credentials upon completed application, including their education, fellowships, and residencies and reviews the information with a fine-tooth comb. The Medical Executive Committee then forward their recommendations to a board of trustees who then approves or denies the application. If they meet the guidelines and receive an approval, they’ll receive work privileges that help keep them happily satisfied and ready to provide patients with the highest level of care.

Why would an application for privileges be denied by the board? There are many reasons for a denied application. For example, if the doctor lacks the training necessary or cannot prove competence, his application may be denied. If the physician has ever had a medical license suspended or if they’ve been found guilty of any medical-related claims, they may also be denied. The board examines each application carefully and ensures only the best doctors are included in the privileges sector of hospital care.